Miller Performance Diesel, LLC

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Part Cost:Minimum markup on parts is 25% over our actual (wholesale or discounted) costs.


Part markup covers three costs associated with acquisition:

1) Administration (ordering, unpacking, logging, filing receipts, invoicing, etc.)

2) Warranty associated with potential future part replacement (which is generally not charged to the customer)

3) Overhead including taxes, warehousing, spoilage, etc.


Parts Acquisition:Miller Performance Diesel will acquire all parts needed to complete repairs on customers’ vehicles and does not allow customers to provide parts for any active project. The one exception to this policy is if a customer has purchased parts prior to becoming a customer and brings in the parts at the time the project commences; MPD will install these customer-provided parts, however does not provide any parts warranty of any kind and only guarantees the parts are installed as correctly as possible. Fitment and defect issues are the responsibility of the the customer.


Directed Part Purchase:If a customer directs MPD to install a specific vendor’s part or a specific size part (i.e. custom tire and wheel combination), the customer assumes risk for fit & function.



Part Installation Guarantee:Miller Performance Diesel strives to install every part properly and stands behind every part it sells. For any doubt regarding proper part installation, MPD will default to support the customer and provide free re-installation or replacement. MPD guarantees parts’ installation workmanship for one year from part installation date. This guarantee covers the installation procedure on the vehicle and ensures the part is installed as correctly as practicable.


New and Remanufactured Parts: Are warranted per the manufacturer’s warranty and replaced free of charge following material failure per the manufacturer’s warranty for up to one year after installation.


Used Parts:Generally have a 30 to 90 day vendor warranty; however, some vendors offer no warranty. We match vendor’s warranty and re-install the part for free if it fails during vendor’s stated warranty.


Custom & Rebuilt Parts:In some cases, new old stock, good used, or reproduction parts are not available and Miller Performance Diesel must design, manufacture, and/or rebuild a part (i.e. heavily modified suspension systems). Warranty on custom fabricated/rebuilt parts will be subject to Miller Performance Diesel’s discretion and based upon the budget authorized (if the required budget is 10 hours to correctly fabricate/rebuild a component and the customer authorizes all hours required, a 1 year warranty is provided; if however the customer authorizes only 2 hours to “patch” the problem, little or no warranty is provided).


Storage & Fees


Inactive Storage Fees: Miller Performance Diesel does not charge for storage while vehicles are active projects. Under normal circumstances MPD completes an average of 15-25 hours per week of touch-labor on every vehicle in the shop. If a customer’s inability or unwillingness to keep current on reasonable project payments causes a vehicle to lapse into an inactive status (i.e. three working days after payment is requested and no payment is made and/or with no mutually agreed alternative plan), then the vehicle lapses into an “Inactive Storage” status. Vehicles are moved to outside storage after three days of completion. Not insured storage begins 3 days after work is finished at $60/day.


Insurance Coverage Requirement


Non-Drivable Vehicles: Miller Performance Diesel carries no insurance to cover your vehicles against “Acts of God” while it is in storage or being worked on at our facilities. We do however have insurance that covers negligence. What this means is if God brings down a tornado that destroys our building (and your car), it’s up to your insurance to repair your car. Furthermore, theft and/or vandalism (including broken windows or other damages out of our control) is not considered negligence. On the other hand, if we drive a truck or forklift into your car or any of the MPD employees does something to damage your car via negligence, we have insurance that covers it. So bottom line is “if we’re negligent, we pay.” If what happens is out of our control taking normal precautions, it’s on you. This is an absolutely standard industry practice and everyone from Ace Hardware to Walmart follows this model.


Drivable Vehicles: Customers are required to maintain comprehensive insurance to cover any liability on your car while it is being worked. Once your vehicle is in a drivable state, you are required to maintain legal vehicle registration and insurance (liability as well as comprehensive), and we of course will always recommend collision insurance.



Please address questions and issues before work commences.