Dodge Steering Replacement

2005 Dodge 2500 4wd Steering Replacement 

This truck came in to us with some intermittent stalling issues, and sporadic idle. After that issue was taken care of we wanted to get a good road test on it to ensure the issue was corrected before returning it to the customer. While we were out, we could hardly keep the truck on the road! Bump steering, death wobble, you name it, this truck had it.

In the meantime, the customer had called back into the office and requested we shake down the front end while we had it in. What we found was no surprise to any Dodge owner. Worn out steering parts, completely relaxed steering stabilizer, and frozen ball joints (Yes frozen, packed with sand and road grime). 

As for parts on this rebuild, we stuck with good quality OEM parts per the customers request. Although there are other upgrades and options out there, with a 100% stock truck such as this one, fresh parts with a good alignment are all you really need. Keeping your balls joints greased and alignment within spec go a long way when it comes to longevity on your rebuild. 

Here is a breakdown of what we did more specifically:

  • Upper balljoints
  • Lower balljoints
  • All tie-rod ends
  • OEM steering stabilizer
  • Alignment
  • Added steering box support